Prelims 2018: Current Affairs MCQ September, 2017

Q1) Consider the following statements with regard to National Human Rights Commission. Statement 1: NHRC can take suo moto action and issue notices to government agencies. Statement 2: The Commission shall have all the powers of a civil court. Which of the above statements are correct? a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1

The Essence of Morality

THE ESSENCE OF MORALITY    Morality concerns the fundamental reason why some actions are good and others are evil. It is a test to find out what acts are good and what acts are evil. It is a search for criteria to assess the goodness or badness of human action. There are several schools of

What is Morality?

Definition of Morality: Ethics focuses not only on human action but also on its morality. Once we decide that an action is human, then that action becomes subject matter for ethics. It is an important function of ethics to figure out whether particular human actions are moral or not. Morality involves the examination of human

Determinants of Ethics

The factors in human behaviour that determine whether it is good or bad depend on: Individual person. Culture or country of an individual. Determined by value system, education level, religious beliefs, experiences, work culture etc. Ethics in Governance is determined by social, political, economic, judicio-legal, historical or cultural context of the country. Three determinants of