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One of the most scoring subjects if done right. Geography is logic-based and very useful. Get the latest updates on all topics from the syllabus of Geography. We cover it all here


Large part of Environment is linked with Current Affairs. We bring to you in a bulletin form all the latest news related to Environment & Ecology that is pertinent for your UPSC CSE preparation


Ethics is easy. But often students end up scoring less than their potential. Follow the posts on Ethics to cover the syllabus and get the right confidence.

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Get daily quiz on current affiars and mock tests from time to time to keep your preparation cutting edge. Also get free tips and guidance.

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Like a lot of aspirants, I too was anxious about the difficult preparatory demands of UPSC CSE before I actually started "learning" without the feel of "studying"...

S.M. Umair

Ph.d Scholar, JNU, New Delhi

Studying online with mentorship is a wonderful model for preparation. It is extremely effective in may ways...


M.A. Sociology, Andhra Pradesh