Courses Offered

Environment from Scratch

  • In this course you will get started with Environment and learn all the basics in a well-structured way within 30 days.
  • At the end of this course you will start establishing interlinkages and will feel confident of the entire Environment & Ecology syllabus. 
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Weekly Environment Bulletin

  • This will give you a detailed coverage of Environment & Ecology Current Affairs linking it wish the theoretical and traditional concepts. 
  • This Weekly Environment Bulletin ensures that you leave no news, events, reports relating to Environment unprepared. 

Environment & Ecology Prelims Practice

  • This opens for you a huge database of Topic-wise Questions on Geography.
  • There are Practice Questions and Test Questions to make sure you leave nothing.

Environment Main Exam Practice

  • Get started with answer writing practice and get your answers evaluated from the subject experts who will guide you on how to improve and help you to identify your weak areas. 
  • This will prepare you well for your Main exam helping you to score to the best of your potential.