Public-Private Relations

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What are public and private relations, their differences, ethical values in each roles.


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   N. Vijay Kumar

Private Relations

  • Private relationships (often called as personal relationships) refer to close connections between people, formed by emotional bonds and interactions.
  • Examples: Family members, friends, One-self.
  • One interesting fact to observe is, the relation an individual has with his/her self also comes under private relation.
Private Relations
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Public Relations

  • Public relations involve relation between individual in public sphere.
  • Public relationships are more instrumental such as organisational  colleagues, politicians, teachers, etc.
  • Ethics in private relations helps in humanising public relations and play an important role in forming the base for moral values of a person.
Public-Private Table

Ethical Values in Private Relations:

  • In private relationship, an individual needs to cater to only one cluster of role & the ethical claims emerge from individual’s responsibility towards that role.
  • Eg: father, mother, husband, etc

Ethical Values in Public Relations:

  • In public relationship, a public servant needs to cope with 5 primary cluster of roles:
    1. His role in his personal & family sphere
    2. His role as a professional
    3. His role for the job
    4. His role towards his jurisdiction & work influence
    5. His role towards society & humanity at large