Probity in Governance

Civil Services Questions

  1. Explain any two actions which were unethical in the past but ethical to 21st
  2. What is ethics? How is it different from morals?
  1. Write a note about ethical dilemmas in governance

Questions from other psc exams

  1. What is the objective of the Right to Information Act? Evaluate the ethics underlying the provisions of this Act. (KPSC - 2015)
  2. Appropriate utilization of public fund and challenges of corruption are burning issues at present in public administration. Critically evaluate (KPSC - 2014)
  3. Describe codes of conduct and quality of service delivery are most important at present scenario in governance. (KPSC - 2014)
  4. Explain the essentials of information sharing and citizen charter in public service. (KPSC - 2014)

Practice questions

  1. What are values? Throw light on their central elements.
  2. “Values are not what humanity is, but what humanity is ought to be” – Comment.
  3. What is conflict of interest? How does it effect a public servant in performing his duties?
  4. What is a Human action? Explain it with two examples.
  5. What do you understand by the term ‘public servant’? Reflect on the expected role of public servant.