Strategy - 102

Strategy - 102

The UPSC Preliminary Exam 2020 is postponed or is it not postponed? Is this the question troubling you every single day?

Well, the answer to this question lies in the time to come. For now thinking about this as little as possible should do you good. Right now, with just two month left, it is important that we study daily and meet our pre-set targets. But how do we do that in this time of chaos, confusion, dilemma and pandemic. Well, a piece of advice – Never waste a crisis. Use it as a teaching moment and as an opportunity to learn and make yourself stronger. The normal times are just round the corner. So it’s the best time to plug all your loopholes and overcome all your weaknesses. Here is how you can do that to become IAS officer in this very attempt:

  1. First, design a goal for each day. Start off your day with a proper plan in place to achieve the goal. Do not over burden yourself with way too many goals. Keep it simple and short.
  2. Second, cover topics and subjects from the books you have already read. For example: read and re-read GC Leong, NCERT’s, Laxmikanth, etc. This time try and highlight and memorize some really important things. Also read with a questioning mind. Think about how you can bring improvements to the book.
  3. Third, keep yourself up to date with the exam-related current affairs. Do not fall for the extensive media coverage of the pandemic. Make sure nothing exam-related goes unnoticed even if it’s not highlighted during the time of crisis. Right now, everything you find in newspapers or magazines is about COVID-19 however you need to know about that one little new species discovered, or the wildlife sanctuary in news, or about river pollution. Well, dig in and get to know what you need to know.
  4. Fourth, practice multiple choice questions daily. It is important to know what kind of questions can be framed from the chapter/topic that you are reading on that very day. Once, you know the important/ potential question areas from that topic go deeper in it and push your analytical skills. Connect it to other topics to form inter-linkages.
  5. Fifth, do feel the sense of achievement at the end of the day. You must sleep satisfied and happy. This is the most important, and often most ignored part. Key to a good preparation is to keep yourself full of hope and in a positive frame of mind. Achieve today. Do not worry for tomorrow.

Well, that’s all for the preparation strategy. The time is ticking. Keep rolling.

Worry less. Study more…